We have certainly all become convinced of the fact that we need to work hard at realising a sustainable society. The question is, how can we turn this conviction into actions in our daily lives, both from a private as well as a business perspective.

The hotel has taken a number of bold steps in recent years where sustainability is concerned.

When we talk about sustainability, we refer to this concept in the broadest sense of the word. This includes the environment, socially responsible enterprising and fairtrade, in short, about ecological and social sustainability. We take the initiative in all these areas and try to set an example within the hospitality, aviation and transport chain, which we form part of.

All of our sustainable activities are included in our ‘Sustainability’ motto. This isn’t just about our new ‘Green & Fair Trade Floor’, ‘Green Meeting’ and ‘Green Mobility’ products. We will also be intensifying our efforts where operational management, the employee policy, agreements with suppliers, information provision to guests (quarter of a million per year) and cooperation with partners in the chain are concerned during the 2010-2011 period.

Our Strategy

Our sustainability efforts are based on three principles: reduction, honesty and cooperation.

Reduction includes, for example, the reduction of water usage, energy usage and transport. The latter is realised through purchasing as many local products as possible.

Honesty is translated into an open personnel policy and honest international trading (Fair Trade).

Cooperation is something we look for with our guests, suppliers, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and colleague hotels in the Schiphol area.